Dear Editor – Culver City Neighbors Denounce PACs Attacking People

Dear Editor,

We are BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) residents who live in Culver City and feel the need to speak out against the propaganda attacks on City Council candidates Yasmine-Imani McMorrin, and Freddy Puza; School Board candidate Kelly Kent, and residents John Kent, Noah Zatz, and Kelly Lytle Hernandez.

Well-funded, reactionary political action committees in Culver City are spending tens of thousands of dollars in our “small town” election. The social media attacks, paid ads, insidious mailers and emails are clear: We are not welcome here. The backlash to anyone who would dare call for an equal response to justice or safety for all is an enemy. Residents who dare to question issues like policing or housing and residents who have historically been marginalized in this city, are maligned in a futile attempt to silence our discontent.

Culver City is now faced with a choice. To vote for “status quo” candidates who pretend to be progressive and will continue the incrementalism and foot dragging of systematic change rather than acknowledge the BIPOC voices that reflect where we are in this historic moment, or to vote for candidates who support the change and protections we are demanding.

We will not stop, despite the message sent. We will continue to join local commissions, committees, and boards; we will run for office; and we will be the change needed in our city. We will hold the two political action committees, Culver City Police Officers Association and Protect Culver City, accountable for their imitation and fear tactics on private citizens.

We want action. Start by rejecting the candidates that don’t represent our values and vision. 

Vote for the candidates who will:

City Council
Yasmine-Imani McMorrin, Freddy Puza, Darrel Menthe

School Board
Kelly Kent, Paula Amezola De Herrera

Black Lives Matter.

Your BIPOC neighbors,

Joy Kecken
Anne Diga Jacobsen

The Actors' Gang

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