Vote Smart – Zirgulis Works Against Common Sense


There’s no time for Zzzzzs. While the current vernacular of being “woke” is far too broad, we all understand that this election is not one to sleep through; there is a lot at stake. Before we start recommending who you should vote for, first, there is the case of who does not deserve your vote. 

Robert Zirgulis is on his fifth run for local office. He has run twice for city council and twice for school board, and in three of those races he came in last. On his second run for school board, he came in fourth in a field of five. The candidate who came in fifth in that race had difficulty understanding how the candidate forums worked.

Zirgulis does not understand how local government works.  

On what we can only hope is his last run, his initial flyer had a banner headline “SUPPORT OUR GOOD COPS AND FIREMEN.” This is an instant indicator of the problem. No one anywhere is discussing the budget for the Fire Department. There are no public discussions on the behavior of firemen. Why the CCFD would need or want his support is completely baffling. 

His rhetoric is so confusing it’s not just non-logical, it’s anti-logical. He refers to the Black Live Matter movement as “racist”  (What?) and calls the progressive city council members “radical left wing loonies” because childish name calling is just how you want to start a relationship with the people you’re hoping to be working alongside.

He calls himself the ‘common sense candidate’ while proudly displaying a total lack of common sense. He lost two previous council bids by an embarrassing margin, and yet, he’s running again, with no structure of support from any faction anywhere. It’s like putting on a sports uniform and deciding you are a team. 

Zirguilis’ last four runs at office have been marked by a lack of any substantial support; no organization, Democratic or Republican, has ever endorsed him.

This is not common sense. His entire campaign is an argument against it. 

Judith Martin-Straw



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