Dear Editor – Menthe for Council

Dear Editor:

I hope Culver City voters will vote overwhelmingly for Darrel Menthe, who is running for a seat on City Council.
I am endorsing other candidates too, but now I’d like to focus on Darrel Menthe.
Until a few months ago, I’d never heard of Darrel Menthe. But in the last few months, I’ve heard him speak several times during virtual meetings, including a Culver City Democratic Club meeting, and read one of his endorsement questionnaires.
I can see from his priorities that Darrel will be an ethical leader. He has spoken persuasively about the need to address the housing crisis, homelessness, and climate change from the perspective of equity and inclusion.

I’ve been impressed by how thoughtful he is about our city’s issues. He’s clearly very intelligent and certainly articulate.
I can easily envision Darrel on the dais, weighing in intelligently on whatever the issue is.
Darrel Menthe is an attorney and vice chair of the Finance Advisory Committee. He is also president of the Culver City Downtown Business Association. His skills include crafting legislation and budgets. During our economic downturn, we certainly need council members who are greatly knowledgeable about finance and budgets.
He is also knowledgeable about the interplay of state and local law. This is important to Culver City too. After all, understanding the effects of California state law on Culver City is critical to thoughtful decision making.

I agree with Darrel that our city must avoid turning to austerity measures and engaging in reactionary thinking.
We all realize that our community is greatly divided over a number of issues. Darrel has demonstrated through his work on the Culver City Downtown Business Association and the Finance Advisory Committee that he’s well experienced in building bridges.
If my fellow residents would like to read a full list of Darrel Menthe’s endorsements, they can visit his campaign website at

Rebecca Rona-Tuttle

The Actors' Gang

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  1. Why will he not unambiguously support the prompt implementation of the fraud, waste, and abuse program/hotline that both the Finance advisory Committee (6/12/19) and the City Council (9/9/19) fully vetted and unanimously adopted? He is too smart by one-half. One cannot get a straight answer out of him. This is someone upon whom we cannot depend to root-out and prevent fraud, waste, and abuse in Culver City.

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