Wollin Re-Registers, Vera Declines PCC Support

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In the Culver City City Council race, candidates might have reasons to go over a matter more than once; sometimes over matters that they  did not even realize they needed to be concerned with in the first place. 

When news began to spread on social media that Heather Wollin was registered with the American Independent Party, she was as surprised as anyone. “After being alerted about it, my self (and several of my friends) had to log in and re-register. I had no idea what the AIP was. I thought that by seeing no other “independent” option [for political registration] this was independent of party, and was thus ‘no party preference.’ Little did I know that I needed to select “other” and actually type in [the word independent.] As soon as I found out, I changed it and my registration now reflects that.”

A poll by the Los Angeles Times in 2016 showed that as much as 73% of the people registered with the AIP are only members by mistake. According to the LA Times, “The American Independent Party’s roots date back to 1967 when George Wallace, launched his ​second​ run for the White House. Wallace, ​who had run as a Democrat in 1964, helped create the new party and ran on its ticket.​ Today, that party exists only in California.”

Mostly by mistake. 

Albert Vera, Jr. has requested that Protect Culver City remove his name from their online site. “I did not seek out endorsement from the PCC, and [I have] asked that they remove my name from their webpage.”

At last month’s PCC candidate forum, the leadership announced that they were endorsing Vera and Mayor Goran Eriksson, neither of who were in attendance. 

Vera also emphasized that his campaign was only online, and that people campaigning door to door were not authorized by his candidacy to use his name. “I do not know what group was canvassing using my name, and I don’t want to [reprimand] anyone unfairly.” Vera’s only event IRL is the weekly food truck he hosts on Thursday evenings in front of Farragut Elementary School to support anyone financially stressed by the pandemic. He has a page on Facebook where his campaign materials are posted. 

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