Pedestrian Bridge Over La Cienega Comes Closer to Completion

 The pedestrian bridge over La Cienega Boulevard, the last remaining stretch of the Park to Playa Trail, is edging closer to completion.  This project will create a 235-ft. linear pedestrian bridge that spans La Cienega Blvd connecting two major Parkland amenities: Kenneth Hahn State Recreation Area and the recently opened Stoneview Nature Center. Plans for this integral piece of the 13-mile Park to Playa Trail include short transition trails on the east and west landings and natural landscaping throughout to encourage wildlife crossings.

The bridge is a part of a regional trail system that has been developed in segments over the last 6 years. With the forthcoming completion of the western portion’s final two segments in 2017-18, this grant would provide funds for safe passage across La Cienega’s six lanes of traffic and maintain the continuity of the Park to Playa Trail. 

When completed, the Park to Playa Trail will provide much needed pedestrian access to a variety of Parkland facilities along its path including Kenneth Hahn State Recreation Area, Norman Houston Park, Ruben Ingold Park, Stoneview Nature Center, Baldwin Hills Scenic Overlook, Culver City Park, Ballona Creek, Ballona Wetlands and the Pacific Coast.

Originally scheduled to be completed in 2019, the expected date of opening has been pushed back several times. 

You can currently hike or bike Park to Playa along the Ballona Creek Bike Path from Dusquesne Ave to the beach at Playa Del Rey.

When completed Park to Playa will offer 13 miles of continuous trail.  80% of the Trail will be ADA accessible.  The entire trail will be dog friendly.


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