Dear Editor – “Keep It Classy, Culver City”

Dear Editor, 

Culver City is my hometown. I enjoy living here and interacting with people. However, it is Election Season, and sometimes people seem to take things a bit too far. I believe that it is great for someone to campaign for their favorite candidate(s). Please tell me all the positive attributes that your chosen candidate has. I’m always interested in learning good things about people I don’t already know.

It seems that some people are more interested in denigrating and trying to vilify other candidates. This practice has picked up significantly in Culver City over the past decade. Anonymous and sometimes not anonymous people and organizations distribute flyers, submit derogatory Facebook and Instagram posts, and send out information designed not to promote their own candidates, but instead to attack opposing candidates. This is not how a Culver City election should be conducted.

It takes a community to back and support a candidate. Candidates should be elected based upon their qualities and experience, not because the opposing candidate has been attacked in a coordinated campaign. All of our candidates for City Council and School Board have many positive attributes. Let’s vote for a candidate and her/his qualifications rather than voting against a candidate due to a smear campaign.

In the immortal words of Ron Burgundy, “Keep it classy, Culver City.”

Karen Zopko

The Actors' Gang

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