Ninth Circuit Court Sends FAA Back to Square One

With both Los Angeles and Culver City suing the Federal Aviation Administration over fight paths and noise, it was good news for both cities that the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals has ordered that the FAA ” fully comply with all applicable federal environmental laws … because the arguments raised in response to the summary disposition motion are sufficiently substantial to warrant further consideration by a merits panel.”

Translated from the legal language of the filing, the August 21, 2020 ruling will require that the FAA answer the questions and hold to the standards that both cities have spent several years pressing on. 

An increase in jet noise, particularly in early morning hours, has been a rising complaint among Culver City residents for years; the FAA has maintained that they have not made any change in practice that could have caused the increase in noise. The ruling will require the FAA look into data that they have been seeking to overlook.

A request for comment from Mayor Goran Eriksson, Culver’s City’s representative in the challenge against the federal agency, had not been responded to by press time. 


Judith Martin-Straw


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