FeedCulver Needs Your Support- If You Need Food, FeedCulver is Here for You

We all know the tale of the Stone Soup; when everyone gives a little, everyone can share a lot. Culver City is an amazing community, and it’s pulling together to help those who are struggling during the COVID-19 pandemic. An example of this amazing community support and collaboration is FeedCulver. FeedCulver is a partnership between local restaurants, the Exchange Club, the Culver City Chamber of Commerce and the Downtown Business Association, working with Mayor Göran Eriksson, Council Member Thomas Small, and local non-profits to prepare and distribute nourishing and nutritious meals to those in need in the Culver City community – and they need your support to make it happen.

How does it work? Local restaurants, led by Akasha, create and package meals, which are delivered to volunteer organizations each day to be distributed through their programs.

Who does this serve? FeedCulver distributes around 100 free meals per day to those in need in the Culver City community through local partners. Additionally, this program helps keep local businesses open and their employees working.

What can I do? Make a donation—buy a meal for a neighbor in need! All donations will be managed by the Exchange Club and the money will be used to cover the cost of food and preparation. Or, prepare food—do you own a restaurant or catering business? Contact FeedCulver about getting involved.

Please note, due to stringent health requirements FeedCulver is not able to engage with home cooks at this time.

To donate, go to FeedCulver.org

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