Common Peace/Race Relay Zoom Meeting July 19

Common Peace,  and the Center for the Advancement of Nonviolence invites you to join us in our ongoing Race Relay – a safe place to talk about race relations, and join together to move forward. All ethnicities welcome, and anyone over the age of 15 is welcome

Sunday, July 19th
4:00 pm – 6:30 pm (Pacific Time)

Join Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 626 059 7334
Password: 5Sfzdn

Please arrive to the meeting on time. Due to the logistics involved and number of people expected at the meeting, those arriving after 4:10 p.m. will not be admitted.

In advance of the meeting, if possible, you are encouraged to watch these clips to give you a greater context of the larger picture in which we find ourselves at this moment in time. After this email – all links listed below and from past meetings – will be moved to the Race Relay FB Page @
To access these and past links to educational materials, please “like” our Race Relay FB page @

5 minute clip:
Bryan Stevenson, Esq. . . Ex. Director of the Equal Justice Initiative . . . ‘How We Arrived Here” – Video is followed by a long list of EJI suggested Resources and links to actions you can take.

18-min clip in the link below:
Trevor Noah speaking on the Domino Affect – George Floyd, Minneapolis Protests, Ahmaud Arbery & Amy Cooper

9-min clip:
Robin DiAngelo on White Fragility . . . .

5 min clip:
Dr. Joy DeGruy’s talk on Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome

5 min. clip:
White Girls Tears:
We look forward to being with you on Saturday, June 27th @ 4 p.m. Pacific Time.

If you have any questions, please contact Candace @ [email protected], or text to (310) 709-4097 if you have an issue with login in – I will do my best to assist. Please do not call as I won’t be able to answer the phone once the Zoom meeting has begun.

Note: We suggest upgrading your Zoom app to the newest version, prior to the meeting.

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