CCUSD Leans Towards Distance Learning for Fall

While the final decision on whether to stay with ‘distance learning’ or attempt a return to campus won’t be made until July 28, the CCUSD School Board meeting of July 14, 2020 brought in more than 350 people on the Zoom call to find out what the factors were, and how the district is thinking. 

Plenty of thinking is involved; the weeks spent preparing for a hybrid of online school and physical presence had all been upended by Governor Newsom’s decision to shut down many sectors of business, and the daunting numbers of climbing infections. 

Superintendent Leslie Lockhart noted that ” I know that 70% of districts around us are now committed to  distance only – LAUSD, BHUSD – just considering the reality of LA County schools.  The new health order that came out yesterday has really shifted things.  I realize that the board has to make the decision by the next meeting, but I  feel that we need to enter Fall with distance learning.” 

The huge amounts of work that had gone into scheduled, cleaning standards and organizing cohorts may all have to stay on the shelf until the curve of infections is once again flattening. 

Judith Martin-Straw



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  1. I am impressed at the data driven approach taken by CCUSD. It is clear that in our community there’s not a single approach lived by all and commented often by few. I appreciate that CCUSD leadership doesn’t just jump on the bandwagon of surrounding districts but focuses on our specific school community.

  2. If we decide on distance learning, I hope we figure out to help kids without quiet places to study or a decent internet connection.

  3. It’s great that the Board is not rushing to open in August and that they are weighing in all options.

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