Angeles Sierra Club – Volunteer Outreach

The Sierra Club is a volunteer based organization. Working together, we can accommodate the needs and interests of the Angeles Chapter’s 40,000+ members.
The Angeles Chapter needs more service-minded members to assist with tasks as simple as answering the phone in the office to donating skills you have in managing social media or photography or videography, or even technical skills like GIS and Salesforce database management.

We need volunteers to work with our members on conservation issues, including attending public meetings, which can make a big difference because public officials vote and behave differently when volunteers attend and observe what is happening. Knowledge of biology, habitats, and environmental law can also help our members in their efforts to protect and conserve local areas.

The Sierra Club is also actively looking to diversify their ranks; nature is for everyone to enjoy. 

Regardless of your interest, the Angeles Chapter has a place for you. Learn more at /

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