Dear Editor – We the People

Dear Editor, 

High praises for American Citizens’/Attorney like Annette Morasch, who is not just showing us what it is to be a citizen of the Republic, but to have the COURAGE to act and take a stand for JUSTICE, which for our Democracy starts with FACTS and honesty wrestling with what the data is showing us all, if we take time to listen and study for ourselves and reason, we should be able to change for the better. Defunding the CCPD and suburban and rural police departments is the first step in deciding we the people of the United States of the America’s will work to make this land a more perfect union where all women, men, and children can feel safe and secure under the laws that we up hold to make that a reality, not a 30 second sound bite and now you think you’re informed to make a winning decision. Annette is courageously trying to help us avoid the train reck that is coming or to my fear is already here and is crippling our experiment in men and women governing themselves as equals socially and economically earning a living and helping your neighbor. When tax paying people do not trust their government and their police force to do the very basics of protections without collusion, corruption, protecting those who do little but expect more (lazy), those who rely on tradition verses progress and productivity, mediocracy and hypocrisy leads to this incident in Mexico City, Mexico police chiefs’ in 2020 are being attacked by the people it has brutalized to a point where there is no respect and no regard for human life. When a Nation has built up walls, world history has shown us, it has undesirable consequences:
I read the CCPOA response to Annette’s research and showing the merits of defunding the CCPD and for me all suburban and rural police departments who want to show FORCE verses enforcing peaceful civil rights, which by the way are laws, not recommendations or suggested guidelines you might follow. I understand the CCPOA first defense is the status quo, but at the expense of the many you are trying to protect a few (bad eggs). Hard crime is overshadowed in suburban and rural communities with petty crime with the argument “all crime is illegal and hurts society.” As the data shows in Culver City; 28% closed cases on rape and armed robbery, that is failing. Yet, budgets demand more funding for more “mall cop” work than community engaged policing, where service to the Republic is paramount and is what Annette is courageously asking us her neighbors including CCPD and CCPOA; who we need if any real change is going to take place. We have to be in this together and it starts with honesty that reallocating funding to create community engaged protection and service with accountability and transparency is Democracy that defeats fascism, which my fear is that it is not to late or too corrupt to change? How much more do we have to pay for people who abuse their positions of assumed power to bully rather than to observer and to use professional discretion before confronting a juvenile or a mentally distressed/handicap citizen. I do not support the claim that when police are dispatched from 911 or however they are called to a potential crime or a crime over property, which is insured and written off under losses, and we as tax payers and consumers are also once again paying for merchandise and services, and receiving nothing in return. Educating yourself with data is more time consuming and as we can see with COVID-19 we have a lot of distractions in our daily living where 30 second sound bites feed our prejudices and reinforces stereotypes and we vote or not;” it’s not going to change anything really.” This is the type of apathy Annette’s research shines a spotlight on what is available to all who really want to see Culver City be an icon for real Democracy which is change and growth for the betterment of all its citizens. Traditions’ in our government is complete failure of: “We the People of the United States of America.” We Come TOGETHER in order to form a more perfect UNION as free citizens to live, protect, and serve one another as we all strive for creating a life of happiness, joy and peace as neighbors.
“To Kill the Messenger” is a conditioned response of the mob mentality and it only works to silence the TRUTH of what is really going on… I stand for Justice and our American Democracy and to protect it against foreign and domestic foes. DEFUND the FRAUD that crime against insured property or public disturbances are not cause for deadly or lethal force. Many parts of Europe, the Netherlands, and now Seattle, WA are doing the right thing and they are better off for it. Help Annette, CCPD with the CCPOA who know that the status quo is not working and not thinking it’s a one person’s crusade to defund what is clearly not utilizing our tax dollars wisely. They have successfully defunded and re-designed policing in Camden New Jersey:
Leaders Lead when the People are informed and are participating. Change happened when we the people of the “op-ed” DO THE RIGHT THING WHEN NO ONE ELSE IS WATCHING…That is what makes AMERICA GREAT, now! Stop. Think. Reason. Respond with Courage. Stand with Justice for All. I believe with Annette that Culver City has the Courage to Lead by looking and admitting we can do better, I can do better, I will do the Right Thing and vote for change and not let prejudice traditions and status quo act as though all is alright as long as it doesn’t happen to me, and our democracy has become complacent; which is failure and my biggest fear. Annette Morsch is the type of Law Attorney’s we need in the D.A.’s office and as a Judge she takes the time it takes to be fair and just with data, because its hard to fake news the facts of data, but like everything you see what you want to see, but your action does have consequences. Hopefully it is not to late to change before something happens that makes us change; tragedy.

Ralph Hardin

The Actors' Gang

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