The Plunge Scheduled to Re-Open July 13

Culver City’s Parks and Recreation department are happy to announce the Plunge is reopening. Unfortunately, the scheduled opening of the Municipal Plunge will be delayed by one week to July 13th due to a recent failure of a critical pump that circulates pool chemicals. City staff has already entered into an emergency contract with a vendor to supply the necessary repair parts and effectuate the repair. The repair parts are on order and expected to arrive during the first week of July. The City will be working with the contractor to expedite repair of the pump as soon as the parts arrive.

After that, a few days will be required to reestablish proper chemical levels in the pool before it will be safe to reopen. The pool is expected to be reopened by July 13th and every effort will be made to move the opening date up. We appreciate your patience as we address this unexpected mechanical failure and make necessary repairs.

The new safety protocols, an updated pool schedule and registration information for Lap Swim, Family Swim, Swim Lessons, and Water Fitness Classes will be available next week on the Plunge webpage.

City of Culver City

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