Heidi Duckler – Ebb and Flow Festival to Showcase Augmented Reality

Heidi Duckler Dance (HDD) presents the fourth Ebb & Flow Festival, taking place at the Los Angeles State Historic Park for the second time, from June 27th- June 30th.

Unlike our past festivals which typically involve live performances and workshops, this year we are utilizing augmented reality to create a self-guided, site-specific, socially distant, spectacular experience that raises awareness on the impact of climate change on our environment.

Park goers will journey through the park, from Ebb to Flow. In the Ebb section of the park, the viewer will encounter 5 static artworks representing the earth’s elements. With the use of an augmented reality app, the viewer will be able to bring these images to life to watch HDD dancers Himerria Wortham, Keva Walker, Heidi Duckler, Lenin Fernandez, and Luke Dakota Zender as they explore retrograde, the body’s natural cycle, and the process of creation through movement.

In the Flow section, attendees will experience Collateral Damage, an immersive installation designed by Snezana Petrovic that speaks of the damage and harm that we, humans, are causing unintentionally on nature. An installation made out of zipties located underneath the park’s bridge will complement the AR interactive aspects of the festival, bringing awareness to the warning signs of unintended destruction of the ocean, coral reefs, and water resources. The spectator becomes an activator of healing and a freedom fighter, releasing the videos and images of a better world.

This interactive exhibition will be on view from Saturday June 27th through Tuesday June 30th during normal park hours: 8am – sunset. Ebb & Flow is in compliance with the Los Angeles State Historic Park’s social distancing guidelines which include maintaining 6 foot physical distance and wearing a mask.

Tickets: Free with RSVP

RSVP at: https://ebbflow3.eventbrite.com

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