Two Culver City Conversations Take on Police, Racism, Policy and Community Solutions – June 18 & 19

With the calls for change reverberating across the country, and more protest marches in the coming days, Culver City has the opportunity to take part in two local conversations. The first, scheduled for today, June 18, 2020 at 5 pm, is offered by the Culver City Chamber of Commerce, titled “Decoding ‘Defunding the Police;’ Gaining an Understanding.” The CC Chamber looks to discuss the current local climate around policing and racism, and will deconstruct the rhetoric of ‘defund the police.’ Local examples of issues and local solutions are on the agenda. 

The panel leading the discussion will be Mayor Goran Eriksson, Acting Chief of Police Manny Cid, and Summer McBride, CCUSD Board President. The Moderator
will be Colin Diaz, President/CEO of the Culver City Chamber. The virtual conversation will take pace on Thursday, June 18 from 5 – 6:30 pm.

The second conversation on the issues is the creation of The Culver City’s Ad Hoc Equity Subcommittee, led by Council Members Lee and Sahli-Wells. The city will offer the first in an ongoing series of teach-ins and conversations around individual, institutional, and structural racism beginning tomorrow, Friday June 19, at 5 pm. with the topic ‘Individual, Institutional and Structural Racism: Policing.”  With a focus on listening to community voices, and recognizing how racism shows up in personal interactions and institutional structures, the online connection will give participants a place to interact and address the challenges. 

As the city’s event is scheduled to take place on ‘Juneteenth’ it will begin with a recognition of that holiday, and a presentation of the history and meaning of honoring the date. 

With the opportunity to discuss this critical issue in two forums, every interested resident should plan to attend both. The need for understanding how our city and our culture have created these issues, and the deep benefits of beginning the process of problem solving together cannot be overstated. 

While it is to be expected that the city-sponsored conversation will focus on policy, and the chamber-sponsored conversation will focus on pragmatics, the need for all parts of the community to come together and create a dialogue has never been more urgent. 

Many Culver City residents have personal experiences that have shaped their views. It can be a great opportunity for growth to listen with an open mind to the experiences that others have had that have shaped theirs.  The professionals who have created these forums are offering a space for people to be part of what will evolve into a respectful and thoughtful change in policy and culture. 

To register to attend June 18 at 5 pm, go to

To register to attend June 19 at 5 pm, go to




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