Design Thinking for Uncertain Times – Antioch University Webinar

The dynamic flux of reality we experience in uncertain times requires the integration of factual information, and imaginative interpretation. While factual information is accommodated temporarily, without either acceptance or rejection, imaginative interpretation can be overly sentimental, epistemically biased, impractical, and even oblivious to scientific rigor. Factual information generated by scientific experimentation and observation needs to be suspended with humility and humbleness. Imaginative interpretation must be shared dialogically, by which different points of view can be held in suspension for a breakthrough.

While sciences deal with true answers or facts, humanities deal with imaginative interpretation of what could be. The true answer works well for the natural world and technology, but it is limiting in reconstructing reality. In engaging design thinking we experience uncertainty and ambiguity associated with the paradoxes of life, where the idea of absolute boundaries between the real and the true no longer holds.

Design thinking integrates factual information and imaginative interpretation, and has the potential of bridging the gap between sciences and humanities. Design thinking allows us to make the sagacious judgement that embodies good character, sense of wholeness, and genuine integrity.

Design Thinking for Uncertain Times:
Integrating Factual Information and
Imaginative Interpretation
presented by Farouk Y. Seif
90-minute Live webinar via Zoom, FREE
Thursday, June 25, 10:30 to 12:00 pm PT

Join AUS Faculty Emeritus Farouk Y. Seif as he leads a discussion on design thinking. Dr. Seif, PhD, AIA is the author of De-Sign in the Transmodern World: Envisioning Reality Beyond Absoluteness and has taught design for social innovation and contributed to semiotic congresses since 1999.

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