Wende Online – Cold War Spaces to Discuss “Queer Space”

The Wende Online continues  the series Cold War Spaces this coming Wednesday with Samuel Huneke, Assistant Professor of History at George Mason University. We will talk about “Queer Spaces in East Germany: From Persecution to Liberation.” Huneke is a historian of modern Europe, specializing in the social and political history of nineteenth- and twentieth-century Germany. His fields of expertise are the history of gender and sexuality, legal history, and the history of science and mathematics.

Host Joes Segal will discuss the problematic heritage of the Nazi past, the legal status of homosexuality versus everyday life in the GDR, the remarkable role of the Protestant Church, and the wild story of Coming Out, the first and only movie about homosexuality produced in East Germany, which will be featured as the Wende Museum’s Friday night film on June 19.

Wednesday, June 17, 12 p.m. Pacific Time. RSVP link:


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