Clean Power – The Statistics and Support for Success

Is green energy the path forward? When Culver City electrical customers moved over to the Clean Power Alliance in 2019, they began a trend towards dropping greenhouse gas emissions. Locking into the evidence that we need big changes to our energy sources to curb – and perhaps even reverse – climate change, the government of Culver City can now begin to see how this decision is playing out. 

In 2019, businesses and residents purchased 175,000,000 kilowatt hours from Clean Power Alliance, reducing greenhouse emission by 38,600 metric tons. Consider that this is less than one full year of the program (as entry was staggered, with some signing on as early as February, and some as late as May) and know that the numbers for the next year of the program will be even more impressive. 

Using the US EPA Greenhouse Gas Equivalence calculator, the savings were the equivalent of growing 639,681 trees for ten years, or taking 8,358 cars off the road. Culver City used 95% carbon free renewable energy with zero greenhouse gas emissions. 

The only complaint from the public has been that some people felt the increase in their electric bill to be too challenging. Less than 5% of the electrical consumers in Culver City opted out of the program.

And now, the financial crisis is being addressed by the Clean Power Alliance through an offer of financial assistance with Southern California Edison, allocating $1 million in bill assistance to COVID-19 impacted customers who sign up through Southern California Edison (SCE). 

To get help paying your electric bill, or make a donation towards those who need help, go to

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