Atkins and Mitchell Comment on May Revise

California Senate President pro Tempore Toni G. Atkins (D-San Diego) and Senate Budget and Fiscal Review Committee Chairperson Holly J. Mitchell (D-Los Angeles) issued the following statements reacting to Governor Gavin Newsom’s May revision to the proposed state budget for the 2019-2020 fiscal year:

Senate President pro Tempore Toni G. Atkins:

“As someone who came to the Legislature while California was still struggling in the Great Recession, I know how important it is during this current budget emergency that we build on lessons learned and avoid mistakes of the past. The revised proposal put forward by Governor Newsom shows a challenging path ahead—but a path made more manageable by the decade of responsible budgeting and sound fiscal practices we put in place. The Governor’s proposal aligns well with the Senate’s budget approach, especially our effort to avoid damaging cuts and middle class tax increases that can make the economy worse. The Senate will continue our work on the budget, our Economic Recovery Plan, and our Renter/Landlord Stabilization plan, and we will consider the elements of the Governor’s new proposal as we move forward with our public and transparent budget process.”

Senator Holly J. Mitchell:

“I want to thank Governor Gavin Newsom and his administration for presenting us with their revisions to the 2020-2021 state budget. While details are still unfolding, the budget proposal is grounded in harsh realities and painful choices brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic.

“While we are in a better position than ever to weather a recession, if we do not receive additional federal assistance to make up for the significant decline in revenue caused by the COVID-19 crisis, it will be difficult for California to manage the current budget shortfall in a manner that will not have devastating effects on families across our state. Now more than ever, we need the federal government to build those bridges that will allow us to cross the troubled waters we are in before additional cuts are made.

“My Senate colleagues, especially those on the Senate Budget and Fiscal Review Committee, staff, and I will work hard with the Assembly to add to the Administration’s take and to fine-tune the nuts and bolts of the budget in the next few weeks – to create a California where all children thrive.”

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