AVPA Student Films Premier Online – May 8

Not to be deterred by distance learning, creativity and ingenuity are alive and well in Culver City High School’s AVPA Film department as it prepares to host its annual Sony-sponsored student film festival virtually. On May 8 at 7 pm, AVPA will air six student-produced, directed, crewed and acted short films at http://bit.ly/virtualsony2020

Students write their films in the fall. Then, the students pitch their films, and all 55 members of AVPA Film vote for their top 10. From there, these top 10 do “table reads,” and everyone votes again for the top six. Lastly, key crew members like director, director of photography, and editor can pitch to work on certain films.

“It’s a very democratic system,” said Holly Gable, AVPA Creative Director, Film. Most directors are seniors because they have the most experience. But one film this year is written and directed by junior Rowan Levi, and one is written and directed by sophomore Melody Caudill.

“We are so entirely grateful for Sony Picture Entertainment’s incredibly generous donation of cameras and lenses this year,” said Gable. “Due to their generosity, the level and sophistication of our films has improved dramatically. Enormous gratitude is also due to our AVPA parent donors because thanks to them, we’ve been able to purchase a new camera rig, camera monitors, new tripods, and some new lights.”

“It should be noted,” added Ms. Gable, “that graduating senior Alex Dashwood has been instrumental in organizing the Virtual Sony Screening.”

Here are the Sony Films, the directors and other key crew members:

Crammers: Written and Directed by Declan Sherk, Cinematographer Luke Henderson, Editor Carter Coffee, Composer Brodie Port
Duet: Written and Directed by Melody Caudill, Cinematographer Melody Caudill, Editor Alex Dashwood, Composer Melody Caudill
Girl Scout Cookies: Written and Directed by Alex Dashwood, Cinematographer Naomi Ash, Editor Alex Dashwood, Composer Deven Raval
It Came from the Crossroads: Written and Directed by Rowan Levi, Cinematographer Joshua Soares, Editor Joshua Soares, Composer Brodie Port
Golf, and the Meaning of Life: Written and Directed by Griffin Conover, Cinematographer Griffin Conover, Editor Declan Sherk, Composer James Kocher
June Gloom: Written and Directed by Emilien Sahli and Joshua Soares, Cinematographer Joshua Soares, Editor Adam Russell, Composers Jesper Giardino and Jake DeRiseis

Grab some popcorn and settle in for an evening of funny, haunting, uplifting and brilliant shorts.

AVPA Film also now has its own YouTube channel. (This year’s Sony Films will not play on YouTube for one year, but other AVPA work is and ready for viewing.)

Culver Pride

The Actors' Gang

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