Drive-By Party Celebrates Eriksson’s Elevation to Mayor

For decades, the Culver City mayoral rotation was a ceremony held in the City Council Chambers, with a pin being the significant symbol for the new mayor, pinned on by a spouse or family member. This past week, creativity opened up a new way to celebrate; a drive-by party with signs on cars, cheering and plenty of honking past the house of Goran and Britta Eriksson in Carlson Park. 

There were about 40 cars, and many of them held more than one person, giving Eriksson’s supporters a chance to congratulate the new mayor and commemorate the occasion. From 5:45 pm  until about 6:15 pm, and some people stayed longer after the actual parade had passed by. 

According to Vicky Daly Redholz, “people decorated their cars with signs of congratulations as well as banners and everyone honked their horns and waved as they went by.”

One car driven by Marta Valdez even had the Culver City flag. 

Rafia Cooper, the creative mind that organized the car-party gave some of the signs to Britta Eriksson as a keepsake of the occasion.

Judith Martin-Straw

Photo Credit – Rafia Cooper 

The Actors' Gang

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