Disposing of Protective Gear? Recycle Coach “Ask Milo What Goes Where?”

Culver City residents can now find guidance for properly disposing of their protective COVID-19 items in the Culver City Recycle Coach™ app. Download Recycle Coach™ on your smartphone or tablet for up-to-date information on the proper and safe disposal of all items, notifications regarding regular and special collections, and more.

Recycle Coach™ introduced a mascot named “Milo” to aid local recycling and waste diversion. Here’s a preview of what’s been added to the “Ask Milo What Goes Where” database:

Cleaning Cloths – Black Trash Can
Facial Cleansing Pads & Cloths – Black Trash Can
Facial Tissues – Green Organics Can
Latex Gloves – Black Trash Can
Used Napkins – Green Organics Can
Used Paper Towels – Green Organics Can
Wipes – Black Trash Can
Face Coverings – Black Trash Can
Mop Sheets – Black Trash Can
Personal Protective Equipment – Black Trash Can

The Recycle Coach™ app is free to download from the iTunes Store and Google Play. Visit the City’s Recycle Coach webpage to learn more.

Visit CulverCity.org/Coronavirus to learn more about the City’s response to COVID-19 and read the latest City updates.

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