CC Based ‘Tieks’ Leads Mask Campaign with Gift Card Rewards #sewtogether

In response to the global scarcity of essential medical supplies, Tieks by Gavrieli, a Culver City business, has been donating medical-grade face masks and stitching and distributing lower-grade masks to hospitals in the Los Angeles area facing extreme shortages—and they are looking for additional help. Tieks suggests, “If thousands of us sew lower-grade masks together, we can make hundreds of thousands of much needed masks for hospitals across the country.” Tieks is giving away $50 gift cards to anyone who stitches and donates 25 masks, or $100 gift cards for 50 or more masks. For more details about the Tieks #sewtogether campaign and tutorials on how to stitch your own homemade masks, visit the Tieks website.

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