The Boneyard, All Playground Facilities Closed – Culver City Stairs, Baldwin Hills Overlook Will Close Parking

The City of Culver City is closing the Boneyard and all playgrounds and ball courts in accordance with Public Health orders.  Additional park areas where social distancing cannot be maintained will be closed effective immediately:

  • All sports and recreation areas closed until further notice. This includes, but is not limited to:
    • playgrounds,
    • fitness (parcourse) equipment areas,
    • basketball courts,
    • baseball/soccer/multi-use fields,
    • handball courts, and
    • tennis/paddle tennis courts.
    • The Boneyard dog park
  • Parks remain open as outdoor-only facilities from dawn to dusk.
  • Park Restrooms remain available from 7:00 AM – 6:00 PM (or later, depending on the park)
  • No group gatherings of any size at outdoor-only facilities.
  • Social distancing is required (maintain a minimum of 6 feet between you and others).
  • The Culver City Skate Park and Culver City Municipal Plunge (pool) are closed until further notice.
  • Park buildings and indoor facilities are closed to the public including indoor gymnasiums, computer labs, multi-purpose rooms and classrooms
  • All programming is temporarily suspended, including recreational activities, sports leagues, aquatics classes, instructional courses, and group sessions.
  • All events and rentals are canceled. New reservations are suspended.

Culver City Stairs and Baldwin Hills Overlook Parking Closures

In an effort to enforce social distancing measures, the California Department of Parks and Recreation has ordered the closure of parking lots at the Baldwin Hills Scenic Overlook until further notice.  The closure includes the parking lot at the top of Hetzler Road, as well as the parking lot on Jefferson Boulevard.

In support of the State’s preventative measure, the City of Culver City has also closed adjacent street parking on Jefferson Boulevard.  The City urges you to avoid the Culver City Stairs and State Park until further notice, to avoid close proximity to others, and to comply with the required social distancing of 6-feet between persons.

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