Music Continues with Symphonic Jazz Orchestra – Lin Howe Keeps the Beat

The month of March is typically a busy time of year for the Symphonic Jazz Orchestra’s “Music in the Schools” residencies. The Bach to Bebop students are starting to compose their class blues songs, the bells students are composing their individual melodies, and even the kindergarten students are creating their own rhythm patterns.

Just before our school partners closed their campus, we sent a blues trio from the orchestra into the classrooms so the Bach to Bebop students could start preparing their newly composed blues songs (melody & lyrics) for their year-end assembly performances.

CLICK to see what students at Linwood E. Howe Elementary were working on:

We lost the game, we really wanted the trophy
We lost the game, we really wanted the trophy
We wanted to win so bad, we wanted to win like Kobe.

The SJO is doing what it can to continue its residencies via online platforms. And while these are tough times for our students, families and communities, we will all get through this and get back to the important work of bringing the arts into the world.

Thank you for all of your support that sustains us in this uncertainty.

Mitch Glickman

Photo – SJO blues trio Clayton Cameron, drums; Jacques Lesure, guitar; Alex Boneham, bass

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