Whole 9 Gallery Organizing Food Packages – Donations Needed

Lisa Schultz from the The Whole 9 Gallery is organizing care packages. There are many ways to help.
One way we can help brighten someones day is to decorate paper bags. Bags can be dropped off behind the The Whole 9 Gallery starting Monday any time day or night.

From Lisa Schultz  “The Whole 9 Gallery has been turned into a food bank for the next 4+ weeks and I’m honored to be leading a program under the banner of our non-profit, The Peace Project, which we’re calling Family to Family. Through this program, we’ll join forces with the local community to distribute a week’s worth of food to local families in need including service workers, families of kids from the Culver City Schools, and the elderly. The success of all our programs hinges on the fact that we all have something to contribute, so while we’re gratefully accepting cash donations of any amount at www.thepeaceproject.com/give which will be put directly towards purchasing food at wholesale, we’re also welcoming everyone’s important participation in the following ways:

1. Give us 5. So many of us are so strapped for cash right now, but consider giving us 5 items from this list ONLY: unopened peanut butter and/or jelly, box of low sugar cereal like Cheerios or Raisin Bran, small box of sugar, salt, pepper, zip lock bags, jar of kalamata olives or capers. If you can add 5 items to your weekly shopping, even better. We’ll post a new list weekly.
2. Fruit from your trees. Thanks to the generosity of local residents like Kelly Kent and Samantha Jetter, we’re set for this Wednesday’s distribution, but will start collecting on Thursday for next Wednesday.
3. Paper Grocery Bags. We’ll put that stack of bags to good use and although you all answered the call and we collected over 100 yesterday, we can still use another 20 or so (which we’re painting!) for this Wednesday’s distribution. Stay tuned for details of a paper bag painting initiative Heather Moses is helping lead up.
4. Time. If you’ve got some time to spare for pick-ups or deliveries, help with aggregating or distributing the bags, etc., shout out below or DM me. Love and gratitude to so many that have pitched in including Albert Vera, owner of Sorrento’s Italian Market on Sepulveda, who opened his shelves, heart and wallet to me yesterday, and School Board Member Kelly Kent who is heading up city coordination along with community leader Dan O’Brien
We’re asking for drop offs of above items by 2pm on Monday. Drop off schedule at the gallery until then is 1-6pm today, 1-4pm Sunday, and 10-2pm on Monday.
Whole 9 Gallery 
3830 Main St,
Culver City, CA 90232
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