Romancing Peace Returns – March 19

Romantic Peace is a romantic comedy that fights war with sex, humor and music. The storyline is about a Mississippi pro-military singer songwriter who falls in love with a California Peace Activist despite their differing views.

After a successful premiere in Culver City in June of 2019, the encore engagement with a cast of 12 is on March 19 at Beyond Baroque Theater at 7 pm. The play is performed uniquely in the style of “Saturday Night Live” with a total of 30 scenes with the narrator announcing each scene with a film slate.
There are fictional storylines throughout the play. Will she fall in love with him despite their political and cultural differences? Will he support her peace activism especially her wanting to be semi-nude in a protest on Venice beach ? What tragic event makes him rethink his pro-military ideology ?

Tickets thru Eventbrite

For more information go to [email protected] or call 310-913-6768

The Actors' Gang

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