Schipani to Open ‘They Laughed with Pleasure’ @ Lowell Ryan

Xavier Schipani lives and works in Austin, Texas, and his work addresses gender and desire, often taking the form of large-scale murals. His new show with Lowell Ryan Projects, “They Laughed with Pleasure,” is opening this weekend, inspired by the writings of Lou Sullivan.

Schipani offers “The spirit of the work that I create will hopefully hold space for others to feel inspired to create art that highlights their life and acts as an outlet to connect with themselves and others. This show is about the expression of joy, something that is often not associated with masculinity. The scale of the work creates an environment for the viewer to experience it in a childlike way, as most of the figures are larger than life-size. There is an innocence that is often lost for trans people, as a lot of our lives are spent hiding or correcting ourselves to fit in. ”

Schipani’s first solo exhibition with Lowell Ryan Projects includes four new large-scale murals, acrylic paintings on canvas, and layered work on sheets of plexiglass. The imagery throughout They Laughed With Pleasure depicts physical joy and reclaims vulnerability, pleasure, and affection.

Xavier Schipani
They Laughed With Pleasure
February 29 – April 11, 2020
4851 West Adams Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90016
Opening Reception:
Saturday, February 29, 7-9pm


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