LAX Monorail System Sees Columns Rise

Concrete columns are now in process at LAX where construction continues for the people mover which will connect the Central Terminal Area with ground transportation hubs – buses, car rental terminal and taxis – located east of the airport.

In a statement from Justin Erbacci, the Interim Chief Executive Officer of Los Angeles World Airports, he notes “With the first columns rising above the Central Terminal Area, we can see a reimagined LAX taking shape. Now that we have gone vertical with our construction, we can experience that our transformation is underway, and we are excited to see the progress each and every day.”

According to UrbanizeLA, hree stations will be connected to terminals and parking garages through a series of pedestrian bridges.  From there, the 2.25-mile monorail-like system will snake along an elevated guideway with two stops at new intermodal transportation facilities and an eastern terminus at a consolidated rental car facility.

Completion of the project is anticipated in 2023.

Photo credit – Los Angeles Word Airports

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