‘Brick and Machine’ Breaks Ground DTCC

While some pieces of prime real estate still sit vacant in Culver City, a new development has broken ground at the foot of Southern California Hospital, at the corner of Washington Boulevard and Delmas Terrace.

Brick and Machine will be two interlocking structures of dramatically different design, facing out to the two different streets. Designed by Abramson Architects, the buildings will be both three and four stories high, with a proposed 60,000 square feet of offices atop 13,000 square feet of ground-floor retail.

‘Brick’ will be built of bricks, as an historical reference to other nearby downtown buildings, and will look out to Delmas Terrace. A landscaped courtyard and roof deck will ‘green’ the space. ‘Machine’ will feature screen panels on the face of the facade as both design and function elements, using them for support on climate control in the building.

The project will also create parking for 223 cars in an underground space.

Judith Martin-Straw

Rendering of ‘Machine’ from Abramson Architects



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