KSM to Host Candidate Forum for District 2 Supervisor Election

District 2 candidates for Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors will face some of their toughest campaign questions when KidScoop Media (KSM) and the Associated Student Body of Culver City High School present the LA County Board of Supervisor (District 2) Candidate Youth Forum on Friday, February 7, 2020.

The free event will be held at Culver High School’s Robert Frost Auditorium, 4401 Elenda Avenue. Doors open at 5 pm for a Meet & Mingle with candidates. The forum commences at 6 pm with a short presentation on the Board of Supervisors by Culver City Councilman Alex Fisch, and a Welcome Address by Assemblymember Sydney Kamlager-Dove.

District 2 candidates confirmed to appear include Holly Mitchell, Herb Wesson Jr., Jan Perry, Jake Jeong, Rene Rigard, and Jorge Nuno, who are vying for a hotly contested 2nd District seat currently occupied by Mark Ridley-Thomas, who will be termed out of office this year. There will be candidate information at the event, and The Civic Center, a nonprofit organization, will provide voter registration. A DJ will be playing music, and there will be free pizza for attendees.

Student reporters from Culver City elementary, middle and high schools will be asking the candidates questions. If past KidScoop Media forums are any indication, aspiring Supervisors would do well not to underestimate the adolescent journalists. If they’re expecting adorable softball questions asking about their favorite ice cream, pop singer, or Star Wars character, they will be sorely mistaken. Past events have seen politicos unprepared to respond to the insightful and unexpected questions posed by the underage inquisitors.

“Kids don’t have an agenda. They are truly non-partisan and objective,” explained Michelle Mayans, who founded KidScoop Media in 2014. “They haven’t developed an ingrained set of opinions, and they don’t have to conform to a publication’s particular perspective or emphasis. They don’t need to worry about their readership, or what their boss is going to say. They are truly free to ask anything, and they do.”

Those on the receiving end of the fledgling columnists’ questions have been visibly surprised by the serious nature of their inquiries. “You can see it on their faces,” observed Mayans. “They’re smiling when the question begins, because they’re charmed by the youthfulness and assumed innocence of our reporters, but by the end of the question, their expression changes, because they’ve been challenged to respond to something they hadn’t expected.”

Photo – KSM reporters onstage at Karen Bass Town Hall


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