Actors’ Gang Commits to Another 15 Years at Ivy Substation Theater

Some good things come to Culver City, and then – they stay. The Actors’ Gang, the groundbreaking theater company that holds residence at the Ivy Substation Theater in Media Park has agreed to sign on for another 15 years at the same location.

The Actors’ Gang, which was founded in 1981 and has been in Culver City since 2001, has creative relationships with both the school district and the city’s Cultural Affairs Commission. Their community outreach has resulted in more than a decade of unique Shakespeare in the Park, classes for kids and teens, and mind-opening theatrical productions.

“We are so lucky to have The Actors’ Gang in our community,” enthused Heather Moses, the CCUSD Arts Coordinator. “Their productions are always thought-provoking and their Shakespeare in the Park is a ton of fun.  They have been a strong partner to CCUSD for over 10 years – committed to working with all kids and continually coming to the table to find ways to engage more students.  They don’t just talk about being a good community member, they live it.”
Artistic Director Tim Robbins stated, “We have just extended our agreement to stay at the Ivy Substation for at least fifteen more years, our Education Department and our Prison Project continue to expand their outreach to serve more and more of those in our community who need our help, we continue to tour our groundbreaking productions throughout the United States and the world.”
Productions from the Actors’ Gang have toured from Beijing to Barcelona, reaching over 40 states in the U.S. and five continents.
Robbins noted that “We are witnessing a new generation of writers, directors and actors emerge from the creative laboratory of our Sunday night workshops. Complacency is not in our DNA and we are constantly challenging ourselves to be better, smarter and more efficient in the way we approach our work. Every year we have forty training sessions and at least four extended teacher training workshops that aim to improve the quality of the work we do on our stage, in Culver City, and in our outreach programs, in schools and prisons.”
Their continued presence at the Ivy Substation is a gift to the community, and the world.
Judith Martin-Straw


The Actors' Gang

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