School Board Takes New Chairs, Affirms Gun Storage Resolution

According to the CCUSD Board bylaws, the Board of Education reorganizes and assumes new roles annually. As of December 17, Summer McBride is the new Board President, Tashon McKeithan is Vice President, Anne Allaire is Board Clerk, Steve Levin is Parliamentarian, and Kelly Kent is general Board Member. We thank Dr. Kent for her year of service as Board President. Board members also recommitted to and joined new district representative or advisory committees.

In addition, the last school board meeting of the year saw the CCUSD Board of Education take action to pass the Gun Safety storage resolution. All members of the Board, cabinet, student representatives, and community representatives participated in reading the resolution prior to passing the motion unanimously with a 4-0 vote. Board member Steve Levin was absent.

The City Council had also passed a gun storage ordinance earlier this year.

As stated in the resolution, there will be changes in school safety plans and policies that will be implemented during this school year and into the next school year.

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