Culver City – Phone Banking for Holly Mitchell

March is coming, as so is the next election. The Supervisors of Los Angeles County are positions that carry more power and a bigger budget than many state governors have. It is vital to elect someone one can use those resources well.
If you look at the track record of Culver City’s State Senator, Holly Mitchell, her every action on our behalf reflects her commitment to leadership.  In fact, the LA Times calls her the “moral compass” of the Legislature.
Having gotten over eighty pieces of legislation passed, Holly Mitchell’s track record proves that from day one she will be addressing the health and safety issues that concern us from growing homelessness, to the environment, to neighborhood oil and gas drilling, and much more.

Local phone banking will be happening  on Sunday, January 12th, from 2 – 5PM

Please RSVP to Email [email protected] or text 310-204-0570

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