New Metro Cars Will Offer More Passenger Space

Metro has unveiled new renderings of the under-production HR-4000 heavy rail vehicles – soon to be the rolling stock of the agency’s Red and Purple Lines. China Railway Rolling Stock Corporation is manufacturing the subway cars, which are part of an initial order of 64 vehicles approved by the Metro Board in 2016. The current contract includes five options which could include as many as 218 additional subway cars.

In addition to new livery which matches the Kinkisharyo P3010 vehicles now in service on Metro’s light rail lines, the HR-4000s also include several other design changes – most notably a switch to side-facing bench seating which allows for greater passenger capacity – and an open gangway between two vehicles. Other additions include illuminated system maps and USB ports for passenger use.

Metro anticipates receiving pilot HR-4000 vehicles in December 2020.

The HR-4000s are intended to replace Metro’s existing fleet of Breda A650 heavy rail vehicles, which average 20 years in age. The age of the current rolling stock, as well as the extension of the Purple Line to Westwood, have necessitated the order of new vehicles.


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