Corita Kent Anniversary Celebrated with Nov. 20th Dedication

The city and county of Los Angeles named November 20th Corita Day in honor of late-artist and educator Corita Kent’s 101st birthday. Through her art, Corita championed love, hope, and justice. She challenged racial and economic inequality at home, protested the war abroad, and pushed boundaries in the church and the art world.

Her work remains powerfully relevant.

About the print: Four years before it was a poster, Love Justice was commissioned for the cover of the October 1966 issue of motive (magazine), the official publication of the Methodist Student Movement. It was an early example of Corita’s big, bold graphic pop art. She used red, white and blue to emphasize that it was patriotic to speak out, to tell the truth.

Center for the Study of Political Graphics

The Actors' Gang

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