Eleven Years and Four Nutcrackers for Maya Zeevi

Maya Zeevi, a 16 year old Culver City resident, has danced at Westside Ballet for over eleven years, and is now preparing to perform in her fourth Nutcracker. This year she is performing the solo/ principal roles of Snow Queen, Dewdrop, and center Spanish. At the educational outreach performance in which the dancers of Westside Ballet perform for students of the Santa Monica Malibu Unified School District, Maya will also be performing the coveted lead role of Sugar Plum Fairy.

In past Nutcrackers, she has performed roles such as, side and lead chinese, side and lead peppermint candy, and doll. Maya lives in Culver City and attended Culver City High School for 2 years, however in able to pursue her dance, she is now taking classes at Santa Monica College and has officially graduated from High School. She likes to study math and computer science. In her freetime Maya enjoys being with her friends and making spreads in her bullet journal.

“What I love about about ballet the most is the fact that it is a rigorous sport that requires artistic expression. I love being able to come to ballet, especially after a bad day. Dancing is a way to let out any emotions that you have, good or bad. Ballet is very technically challenging, but the need to artistically express yourself helps you refine your technique,“ Maya shares.

When asked about what she loves most about performing in the Nutcracker: “… the fabulous production, and being with my ’ballet family’ year after year. The stage is such a fun place to be, especially with all the lights, snow, and glitter that fall from the ceiling. The production is so advanced for a ballet school, and really transforms the dancers’ as well as the audiences’ experience. It pulls everyone into a different world, and you forget where you are for the next couple hours. I sometimes walk outside after a full day of being in the theater, and I’m surprised to see that I’m still in place that I entered that morning. Seeing and performing in the Nutcracker takes you to a magical world that I love experiencing every year, over and over again. Coming to the Nutcracker every year puts people in the holiday spirit, and gets them excited for the New Year.”

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