Art in Motion – AVPA Dance Concert

AVPA’s Fall Dance Concert titled “Art In Motion” features both student and faculty works where choreographers were tasked with finding a piece of art to inspire their creations. The artwork(s) will be projected onstage during the dance performances, providing a backdrop as well as an extra layer of visual interest for the audience.

The artwork was created by AVPA Dance and inspired by artist Heather Hansen.

“We covered the black box floor with white butcher paper, and the dancers had black crayons in their hands,” said Carol Zee, AVPA’s Creative Director for Dance at Culver City High School. “The students did a series of dance movements that resulted in this artwork. During the Dance Concert, they will interpret their own work with an original dance entitled Cosmic.”

The evening will also feature students from the AVPA Art Department doing live art demonstrations inspired by the dancers they see onstage. This performance of dance, of art, of art in motion, is not to be missed.

*Performance running time is 60 minutes. 7 p.m. performances will be held on Thursday November 21; Friday, November 22; and 2 p.m. and 7 p.m. shows will be held on Saturday November 23 at Robert Frost Auditorium.

photo by Ruthie Brownfield Photography

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