Landlords Have Six Months to Register with the City Housing Division

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The Interim Rent Control Ordinance requires all landlords to register with the City by March 4, 2020. Landlords can now register using the Residential Rental Registration Form.

After receipt of a completed form, the City will issue the landlord a Rent Registration Certificate for each unit. The Certificate must be served on the tenant or displayed in a conspicuous place. Instructions on how to complete the Residential Rental Registration Form can be found on the form itself.

All landlords must post the Interim Rent Control Ordinance Notice in a conspicuous location in the common area, at the entry or entries to the building or units, or other similar location or locations as necessary to provide tenants a reasonable opportunity to view the notice, at all properties where a Rent Registration Certificate is required. The one page form is written in both English and Spanish and provides tenants with information about Rent Control in Culver City.

For more information, visit the City’s Interim Rent Control web page. If you have questions or would like more information, please e-mail the Housing Division at [email protected] or call (310) 253-5790.

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