Hydrating Trees Vital to Minimizing Fire Threat in Dry, Windy Weather

In the midst of the upcoming dry and windy season ahead, the City of Culver City’s Public Works Department reminds property owners and residents with parkways to support the vitality and growth of their trees, and in turn, the City’s thriving urban forest.

Watering trees is a key part of preserving local trees, which provide a number of economic, social and environmental benefits, including clean air, reduced noise pollution, cooler streets, reduced health risk and energy savings.

Community members can put the following tips to use to ensure their trees combat warm and dry weather conditions that are common during spring, summer and early fall months.

Use “deep watering,” a process of long, less frequent watering that allows moisture to penetrate soil by 18 to 24 inches to effectively hydrate tree roots. In contrast, short and frequent watering periods trap moisture at the top few inches of soil, preventing tree roots from getting the moisture they need to thrive.
Consider using a deep root watering nozzle, which can be purchased from most online retailers and home improvement stores.
In the moist, cool months of late fall and winter, community members can start reducing watering frequency by up to half, especially during heavy rain periods. Like underwatering, overwatering can be harmful to trees by creating decay within their trunks and root flare systems. As a general rule of thumb, if a parkway still has moisture, then additional watering is unnecessary.

Trees may be removed for safety concerns, sidewalk repairs, private construction projects, removal requests and new tree planting. Visit the City’s tree planting, care and removal webpage for more tree care tips and resources for tree removal.

View the City of Culver City’s Urban Forest Master Plan, which won the California Urban Forests Council’s “Astounding Urban Forestry Project Award” in 2016. The plan reflects the City’s commitment to nurturing a resilient urban forest, declaring a clear plan for the City’s trees and providing guidance on long-term and day-to-day maintenance of community trees.

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