What Will Come Next for 11111 Jefferson ?

The developers of the proposed project at 11111 Jefferson Blvd. The John Buck Company and 3M Capital, have sent a letter to neighbors in vicinity who attended the initial community meeting on August 29, 2019. Offering to reduce the number of residential units and change the proposed parking, they are also offering a meeting as a  “mobility workshop” on October 24, 2019 at the Culver City Senior Center.

From the letter sent to neighbors in the Sunkist Park and Blanco Park neighborhoods, “As the next step in Culver City’s planning process, we have submitted an initial project design and program to the City in the form of a Preliminary Project Review … We’ve included neighbor feedback in our PPR submittal, primarily by reducing the residential density by 10% to 252 apartment units and removing the on-street parking concept for Machado Road.”

The initial community meeting in August heard many comments from the community that the housing was needed, but that far more of the project should be required to be affordable housing. Reducing the number of units but 10% seems to look like a move in a different direction.

The John Buck and 3M development team noted that “This is not by any means a fully designed or finalized project request for approval. It is a mandatory step that allows us to begin working with a range of city agencies (such as the Departments of Community Development, Transportation, Public Works, Police, Fire, etc.) on some of the technical aspects of the project such as utilities, access, and compliance with the City’s development standards. During this process, we will continue to study and refine the project and incorporate community feedback…Final project consideration and action will be taken by the Culver City at a public hearing in late summer or early fall of 2020.”

The announcement of the different focus for a community meeting offered that “We are planning a Mobility Workshop for October 24 at 6:30 pm at the Culver City Senior Center at Overland and Culver… At the workshop we will discuss existing conditions on the Sepulveda Jefferson corridor, provide initial traffic data, and solicit your experience regarding local traffic and mobility issues. Fehr & Peers, a nationally known mobility consultant, will lead the interactive workshop.”

The “Mobility Workshop” is not looking to discuss the development itself, but the flow of traffic around it. The triangle-shaped plot of land is sided by two busy streets serviced by bus lines, as well as some of the heaviest auto traffic during commuting hours.

As to the project itself, the developers have not yet set a date for “a design-focused community meeting with the project architects,” noting only that it will happen “later in the fall.”

Judith Martin-Straw


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  1. Wondering is this changes the amount of affordable units they stated at the meeting. They said 25, which is not many at all. 5 stories is still too tall. Maybe getting rid of the floors of offices would work? This letter was also sent to Lindberg Park residents as we are very much affected too. Curious to see the turnout. Most of the people at the last meeting were over 50 years old. Some younger ones should turn out too.

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