Baseball Book Has Culver City Authors Playing on the Same Team

The recently released Mexican American Baseball on the Westside of Los Angeles is co-authored by Rebecca Garcia-Prieto, Ray Serra Jr., Alicia Stevens, Richard Santillan and Christopher Docter.

This book project focusing on Mexican America baseball and softball players was initiated at Cal State San Bernardino and headed by Santillan. This is the 16th book in the series and features Mexican American baseball and softball players on the Westside of Los Angeles. The book also has close ties to the CCUSD family.

Garcia-Prieto works at CCUSD’s Office of Child Development and authored the Culver City Chapter. Serra and Stevens, husband and sister-in-law to Marion Serra who works at Culver City High School, authored the Santa Monica and Venice chapters. The book also features CCHS alumni, faculty, and staff, including Rick Prieto; Sandra Prieto; Jesse Plasencia, Jr.; William Minguet; Juan Cueva; Hector Zamora; George Aceves, Jr.; and many more.

The book pays homage to the teams, players, coaches, and umpires in Santa Monica, Culver City, Venice, West Los Angeles, and other surrounding communities who brought immeasurable respect and nonstop enjoyment to their loving families, unwavering fans, and pride-filled neighborhoods. From the 1920s to the present, baseball and softball have provided far-reaching educational opportunities, reaffirmed ethnic identity, restructured gender roles for women, promoted political self-determination, and developed economic autonomy. Games were exceptional times when Mexican Americans found safe haven from exhausting labor and blatant discrimination. These unparalleled photographs and significant stories spread extra light on the bountiful history of this distinctive region of Los Angeles.


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