Culver City Continues Exploring Possibilities for 10858 Culver Boulevard

The City of Culver City will continue exploring possibilities for the City-owned property at 10858 Culver Boulevard following the special City Council meeting that took place at the Culver City Senior Center on September 24. More than 170 community members attended to respond to the Council’s call for public input on the future use of the property.

“The robust participation of all those that attended the community meeting is a clear sign that this site holds a lot of value and importance in our community,” said Culver City Mayor Meghan Sahli-Wells. “We will use the outpouring of community feedback to inform the choice we make for its future. Our collective decision will have a lasting impact on Culver City.”

The City Council did not make a decision about the site’s future at the meeting, but it asked City Staff to continue gathering public input. In order to be notified of any future public meetings where proposals will be discussed before a decision is made, members of the public can sign-up for email updates on the City’s 10858 Culver Boulevard website at

At the meeting, City Staff and community members presented five possibilities collected from City Council Members and community members at a City Council meeting held on July 8, 2019. The possibilities include:

Affordable housing for artists
Modular affordable housing
A multi-use facility created by combining parcels to the west
A community center operated by the Wende Museum
A center for veteran services and/or housing

Community members also participated in the discussion, submitting additional ideas for the City Council’s consideration. Their ideas for the space include:

A skate park
A dog park
Affordable housing for seniors
Commercial neighborhood use
A homeless shelter
A community garden
Rehabilitating the existing site
Leaving the site as it currently is

The public can continue sharing input by taking the City’s official “Potential Uses for 10858 Culver Boulevard” online survey.

For more information, to leave a comment or suggestion or to sign-up for email updates regarding the site, visit the City’s 10858 Culver Boulevard webpage at

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