Invertigo Dance Theater Does a Masterclass with AVPA Dancers

The dancers were awesome. Now, I understand what my teacher means when she asks us for full out energy!” said AVPA Dance student Tatiana. She was referring to the members of the professional troupe Invertigo Dance Theatre, who came to CCHS two weeks ago to give AVPA Dance a master class.

AVPA students learned some choreography from Invertigo’s new show Formulae and Fairy Tales, which was presented at The Broad Stage in Santa Monica last weekend. As part of the Broad’s education program, AVPA dancers got to watch the dress rehearsal matinee before the Friday evening debut.

During the master class at CCHS, two members of Invertigo, K. and Luke, warmed up the 30 dancers by asking them to pantomime with an apple, which played a hugely symbolic role in Invertigo’s show. Then, the students learned a piece of choreography from the show in which the dancers tiptoe across the stage wearing high heels.

After seeing the matinee, AVPA Dance student Kaylee remarked, “I liked that everyone wore the same thing, regardless of gender. Also that everyone had to wear the high heels, not just the women.” Other students commented on the apple symbolism because of how many things the apple represented in the piece.

“The students were so aware of the apple because of the workshop and discussion we had with them and the Invertigo dancers,” said Carol Zee, AVPA’s Creative Director for Dance at CCHS. “It’s one thing for us as teachers to direct our students and to teach them choreography. But then to have them see it in action with a professional dance troupe, it really hits it home for them. We are fortunate that AVPA Dance has these incredible opportunities.”

Dance isn’t only for AVPA. CCMS has expanded from sixth grade only to include seventh- and eighth-graders. All CCMS students will now receive six consecutive weeks of dance instruction as part of their PE units. This is made possible by the work of the District Arts Committee, the commitment of CCUSD to Arts for ALL, and with funding from Sony Pictures Entertainment.


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