LA County Measure H Summits Making Plans for Policy

The Los Angeles County Homeless Initiative is a collaborative and inclusive movement to prevent and combat homelessness. Each phase of the Homeless Initiative process – strategy creation, design, implementation, budget recommendations, and oversight – has been participatory and reflective of input from a broad group of stakeholders.

We are launching the process to develop Measure H funding recommendations for the next three fiscal years (Years 4, 5, and 6) by convening eight policy summits to gather input from subject matter experts and key community stakeholders. The sessions will center on key themes – Prevention and Diversion, Outreach, Interim Housing, Permanent Housing, Employment and Partnership with Cities – as well as an opening and closing summit on the countywide homeless services system as a whole.

All of the 3-hour summits are open to the public for observation and comment, and will be held at:


Please RSVP using the link below! Space is limited. Throughout this time, there will also be a form to provide electronic input. It will be available from September 26, 2019 through November 30, 2019.



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