General Plan Update Committee Meets To Begin The Process

As the end of the beginning, the the General Plan Update committee met on September 4, 2019 at the Wende Museum to take their oath of office, and introduce themselves to each other, taking on a task that will connect them for the next two years.

During the garden reception,  a few poster boards were placed along the walkway for people to answer questions like “If You Could Change One Thing About Culver City, What Would it Be?” While some poster boards were thick with answers, others were sparse. When the crowd retreated into the museum to attend  the meeting, it was with the small understanding that answers all the questions before them would take significant time and thought.

The twenty-one member committee will be working with the city council and the planning commission, discussing the changes and additions to be made to the General Plan. Policies on Housing, Land Use, Mobility, Recreation and Sustainability will all be set by the city at the end of the process.

The volunteers serving on the committee are Manjit Asrani, Cicely Bingener, Patricia Bijvoet, Diana Hernandez, Scott Malsin, Ken Mand, Wally Marks, Yasmine Imani McMorrin, Jeanne Min, Paavo Monkkonnen, Dr. Peter Capone-Newton, Kristen Torres Pawling, Fred Puza, Denice Renteria, the Reverend Doctor Frances Wattman Rosenau,  Sierra Smith, Laura Stuart, Claudia Vizcarra, Jamie Wallace, Andrew Weissman and Noah Zatz.
Mayor Meghan Sahli-Wells was clearly pleased to be starting the process. “It’s been more than two years getting all this in place, and I’m really happy to be getting underway.”
The next meeting will have the committee name a chairperson and vice chairperson to oversee the proceedings.
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