Washington Boulevard Water Main Replacement Begins August 19

Construction crews with backhoes, dump trucks, crew trucks and hand tools from Golden State Water Company will be digging along the new pipeline alignment for the installation of new water main and fire hydrants on Washington Boulevard, from Helm’s Avenue to Sentney Avenue, beginning August 19, 2019

The services will generally be installed using an air compressor and pneumatic boring tool. The streets will remain open to traffic during the construction period but traffic and parking may be restricted.

Expect an increased level of noise during the construction period. Weekly activities such as trash pick- up will not be interrupted.

As sections of the new main are completed crews will disinfect the main. This step is necessary to protect public health and to ensure compliance with the Waterworks Standards. Following the disinfection period, crews will flush the chlorinated water and any construction related sediment from the main. Crews will dechlorinate the water before discharge.

As underground activities are completed the crews will progress to the next underground sections and come back near the end of the project to perform landscape and hardscape restoration as well as perform final street paving.

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