Seth Horowitz Steps Out – Culver Hotel Manager Departs

“It’s been a wonderful ride,” Seth Horowitz offered, as the General Manager of the Culver Hotel announced his resignation. “Culver City has been through an amazing transformation.”

Horowitz has been a part of all that transformation, holding seats on both the Chamber of Commerce board of directors and the Downton Business Association since 2011. With his departure from the hotel, he is also standing down from his roles in both organizations.

He hosted more than a few famous parties – the 90th Anniversary at the Culver Hotel and the Masquerade Ball for the Centennial Celebration were both gatherings that showed the Culver Hotel off in it’s best lights; historical glamour and modern class. What had been a place famed for it’s unique architecture and history has become a center of the current downtown scene, with live music, noted culinary offerings, and crowd of cultured, chic patrons.

“I do want to share that I am unbelievably grateful and appreciative of the Mallick Family, the entire team at The Culver Hotel and all the people in the community that I worked with.”

Judith Martin-Straw

Photo – Seth Horowitz at the Velvet Lounge in the Culver Hotel

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