LA County Suspends All Burn Permits

In an ongoing effort to prevent wildfires, all burn permits in Los Angeles County will be suspended. As of July 12, 2019, the Los Angeles County Fire Department has stopped issuing burn permits due to increased fire activity throughout Southern California. This burn suspension will remain in effect until further notice.

During this critical time, the Fire Department urges all residents to do their part to be safe by having an emergency plan in place in case a fire threatens their home or family.  Nearly 95 percent of all wildland fires within the Fire Department’s jurisdiction are human-caused. Here are some tips residents can follow to prevent fires:

Defensible space clearing, such as mowing before 10 a.m. and never on a hot and windy day.
Do not toss cigarettes out of your car window.
Do not pull your vehicle off the road into dry grass or brush. Hot exhaust pipes and mufflers can ignite fires that cannot be seen easily by the driver.
In wildland areas, spark arrestors are required on all portable gasoline-powered equipment (e.g., tractors, chainsaws, weed-whackers, mowers, motorcycles and all-terrain vehicles).
Campfires within organized campgrounds or on private property are allowed as long as they are in a designated campfire site that prevents fire from spreading.

In accordance with Section 4423.2 of the Public Resources Code, the Fire Department may issue restricted temporary burn permits if there is an essential reason due to public health and safety. Agriculture, land management, fire training, and other industrial type burning may proceed if a Fire Department official inspects the burn site and issues a special permit.

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