Lights for Liberty – Friday Night Protest July 12

On Friday July 12th, 2019, Lights for Liberty: A Vigil to End Human Concentration Camps, will bring thousands of people to locations worldwide as well as to concentration camps across the country, into the streets and into their own front yards, to protest the inhumane conditions faced by migrants.

Locally people will be gathering at  7 pm at the intersection of Lincoln and Manchester Blvd. at the Westchester Municipal Building,  7166 W Manchester Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90045

This is a family friendly event. Bring electric candles or flashlights. We will gather for ninety minutes and hold a peaceful vigil in solidarity with those seeking asylum at our borders, detained in facilities like Metropolitan Detention Center, and/or seeking a better life for their children.

Key events are planned in El Paso, Texas, where migrants are being housed in outdoor conditions under a bridge with no running water for months at a time; Homestead, FL, at a migrant child detention facility that has caused mass abuse and neglect; in San Diego, near the point of entry site from Tijuana; in New York City, at Foley Square, where hundreds of migrants are processed through detention a day; and in Washington, DC, in Lafayette Park, to demand action from Congress to end concentration camps and impeach the President. Legislators, activists, organizers, and members of impacted communities will speak prior to the candlelight vigil.

Across this country, we have witnessed acts against people fleeing persecution many of us thought we would never see in modern times.

At Trump’s concentration camps, teen mothers and babies are held outdoors in “dog pounds.” We have witnessed the sick and elderly confined to “icebox” rooms for weeks at a time.

Unbelievably, children as young as 4 months are taken from their parents, medicine is confiscated, and medical care withheld, and LGBTQ and disabled individuals are held in solitary confinement.

“The Trump administration’s immigration policies and detention camps meet the United Nations’ definition of genocide and crimes against humanity,” said Elizabeth Cronise McLaughlin, lawyer, activist and organizer. “Congress is refusing to stop the president and his policies. We cannot allow these atrocities to be perpetrated in our name.”

For more info go to and click on CA-Los Angeles Westchester

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  1. Were here at municipal building at Manchester and lincoln. There’s nobody here!!!

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